Careers service feedback

The academic platform has received extremely positive feedback from clients and non-clients. Observations include:



Regents College

“Preparing graduates for the competitive employment market is at the heart of the careers service and Abintegro’s unique software provides an ideal solution for high quality CV production and PDPs. We chose Abintegro's solution due to its contemporary interface, flexible set up and its ability to manage students with different levels of experience from undergraduate to MBA. Abintegro’s solution will assist communication between academics and the careers service and provide students with a central CV and PDP platform; this, we hope, will alleviate much of the frustration felt by students when different advice is given on the best way to produce a CV and build a PDP.”   Spencer Coles, Director, Regent’s College London.




abintegro is designed as a modern student-centric tool rather than a classic academic product and is better suited to today’s internet-generation students.

Students own their abintegro account and can continue benefiting from the platform after graduation as part of life-long learning.

abintegro is an action-orientated platform encouraging students to deliver goals and create useful, tangible outputs The platform is flexible and can quickly adapt to specific academic institution requirements enabling it to sit alongside existing tools and services.

Local employers and students can be connected providing a valuable and much needed tool for employer liaison and local student recruitment.